NetCiv was founded in 2004 with the mission to develop tools and services that enhance our experience in our Networked Civilization.

We have witnessed massive change in the technologies that connect us; change that continuously drives simpler and more responsive methods of interacting with each other and our environment.

With this aggressive rate of change comes an equally daunting learning curve. At NetCiv we understand most of our customers aren’t in the computer business and don’t want to detract their focus from their primary goals. NetCiv listens to your needs, follows industry trends and keeps an eye open for opportunities that enable you. We constantly improve our products and services. We expect change and are quick to embrace proven trends.

For those of you who are in the computer industry, NetCiv can augment your business, providing development relief of overflow work, technical skills that aren’t your primary strategy, product integration and even network you with other customers who can use your services.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, NetCiv is here to help. Don’t wait… Connect with us now!

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